Mulanje Mission Hospital

In 2013, Friends for Africa financially assisted Mulanje Mission Hospital with the renovation of 30 water pumps in the vast area of Mulanje in the south of Malawi. By making the pumps functional again, an average of 500 people could be provided with clean drinking water per pump. That amounts to a total of 15,000 people. Water is life!

Why is renovation of water pumps so important in Malawi?

Clean drinking water is a very normal thing in the Netherlands. However, this is not the case at all in Malawi. Here, they are very dependent on the water pumps, for which some village members have to walk for hours in order to reach one. When this water pump stops working, resulting in polluted water, the consequences can be devastating. It is therefore important that the water pumps always work properly and are renovated in time.

How do water pumps contribute to quality & good education in Malawi?

Quality and good education are not just about building schools, buildings and providing well-trained teachers. In Malawi (but also in the Netherlands), this kind of project involves a lot more. When a school is built, it is surrounded by a campus so that many teachers and children have good places to sleep. These kinds of "villages" also need to be provided with the first necessities of life such as clean drinking water. By placing water pumps at the schools or renovating them in time, you ensure that people do not have to worry about drinking and can fully focus on studying.

What does Mulanje Mission Hospital do?

Mulanje Mission Hospital works in partnership with a local government hospital to serve a population of 685,000 people in Mulanje District in south-eastern Malawi. Mulanje Mission was established towards the end of the 19th century and the original health facility at its current location functioned only as a maternity hospital. Today, the 220-bed hospital offers a full range of medical, surgical and paediatric services. Together with the adjacent College of Nursing, MMH is known for its high standards of care, under the administration of Blantyre Synod of the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian (CCAP).

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