Staff houses for teachers

Secondary education in Malawi is called secondary school. The children are aged between 12 and 16. Only 20% of all young people start secondary education. Secondary education is important for the development of knowledge among the youth of Malawi. Knowledge is the first step towards a better future.


The Mulanje mission team has applied to build two houses for teachers. Skilled teachers are an important condition for quality education. At the moment some teachers live far away from the school. Teachers do not want to work at the school because the travelling time is too long, the houses are in a bad state and they cannot take their families with them.

These houses are of great importance as they help to provide a safe, healthy and comfortable living environment for the employees and their families. Staff houses provide peace of mind for both the organisation and the staff. It is important for a school to be able to stay focused on its mission. By building these two houses, the quality of education is improved and is therefore fully in line with our vision. Friends for Africa has financed part of the houses.

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