Solar pump for clean drinking water

A water pump has been installed at each health post to provide the post with clean drinking water. At the beginning of 2017, a solar pump was installed at the Piet Veerman health post. This means that a motor running on solar energy pumps up water from the ground. The water is stored in a water reservoir, so that the health post is immediately provided with clean drinking water.

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Working together for a better Malawi

In 2009 and 2010, an application was made to Impulsis for the construction of 10 health posts. The health posts are located in a vast area in the south of Malawi. The health posts are part of Mulanje Mission Hospital. The health posts have several functions. Women are trained in family planning and hygiene regulations, and pregnant women and young children also receive check-ups and vaccinations here. The 10 health posts are: Nachiwale, Khaya, Salamba, Ngolewera, Misithe, Misanja, Dumela, Chibanthi, Luwanje, Piet Veerman

Bicycle ambulance in each health station

Every health post has a bicycle ambulance. The people in the villages often have to travel for miles to reach the hospital. By using a bicycle ambulance, the women and children who are too weak to walk can also reach the hospital for their care.

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