Sharing knowledge to the young generation

Water pump for a sustainable Malawi

The Green Malata project is committed to sharing knowledge to Malawi's young generation. At the site, young people learn the basic skills of raising livestock, baking bread, maintaining the land, welding, working with computers, and cutting. This knowledge helps the youth eventually become self-sufficient.

  • Regular hand pump;
  • Agriculture;
  • Contributing knowledge.

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Transferring knowledge makes for a more sustainable Malawi

Knowledge is needed to make real change in the end. Friends for Africa contributed to a the installation of two water pumps. The first pump is a regular hand pump. The other water pump contributes to one of Green Malata's latest projects. With this water pump, a large amount of water will be pumped over into the water reservoir so that steaming water will be available every day.

Some of the water will be used to fill a lake. In this lake, fish will eventually be bred and sold to the local population. This project is also set up in cooperation with the local youth. Thus, not only fish will be farmed and sold, but also contribute to the sharing of knowledge. For more information check out the Green Malta website.

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