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Delivering corn bags in Malawi

Emergency maize aid was provided in 2003 (2,000 bags of maize), 2015 (111 bags of maize) and 2016 (2,000 bags of maize). Due to El Nino climate change, there is either too little or too much rainfall in the central African region, causing severe drought or flooding. Both natural phenomena are dramatic for crops.

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Long-term solutions to famine

In times of famine, people depend on organizations such as Friends For Africa because the government does not have sufficient capacity to provide food to the poorest people. The distribution of the food is always done through a local intermediary. The intermediaries are churches, mosques and schools. In this way we ensure that the food reaches the very poorest. The goal of the organization is to help people for the long term. We realize as a foundation that providing food does not help people in the long run, but in times of humanitarian disaster it is necessary for the children and the elderly to survive.

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