Houses and hospital in the Ndirande slum

Malabada hospital

In 2005, preparations were made to build a hospital with five houses in the Ndirande slum. In 2008, a children's ward and five additional staff houses were built. Malabada provides a number of services. The government pays for the care of 10,000 patients. These patients consist of pregnant women (7000) and children (3000) under the age of 5. The children receive the vaccination programme and the pregnant women receive their checks. The people are also checked for AIDS. In addition, people are treated in the Malabada hospital and, if necessary, the patients are admitted. At the moment, it is not a government hospital and not all treatments are financed. Negotiations are ongoing to have the care fully reimbursed by the government or the Synod of the area. Another challenge is modern equipment such as: CT scans in order to offer the right diagnoses and treatments. If all negotiations fail, another destination for the children's ward of the hospital may be sought. A shelter for disabled children, an orphanage or a school for deaf and dumb children could be considered.

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