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World Citizenship

In 2018, Friends for Africa delivered a container full of computers to a Secondary Education school in southern Malawi, Mulanje. These computers will be used for English classes and to develop and connect the youngsters' digital skills to the world.

The young people from the Netherlands spent 10 days in Malawi and gave lessons at the school. A field day was also organized.
Young people in the Netherlands often live in abundance. There are social services that young people can fall back on and really starving and not having a roof over their heads is almost unthinkable in the Netherlands. In Malawi it is still reality for many people. The short-term goal of the trip is development and awareness among the youth. The long-term goal is world citizenship and ultimately development in Malawi through involvement from the young generation. A world citizen is someone who realizes that what he or she does has an effect on the rest of the world (World Citizen, (n.d)). And therefore thinks about the choices he or she makes. With the trip, young people are challenged to reflect on their background, upbringing and position in society. A journey like this can contribute to making choices for now and later.

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