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In 2003, thanks to funding from ICCO and the Friends of Africa Foundation, a hostel was opened to accommodate 20 students from the hospital's nursing training programme. The students are trained to become full-fledged nurses. The hostel also provides a place to sleep for the students. The hospital is now able to receive students from all over Malawi. Two years later, in 2005, a caretaker's house was built next to the hostel.


Why is housing construction necessary for good education in Malawi?

This project, in which our foundation was able to participate, is a good example of what else is involved in good education. In Africa, it is often necessary to provide sleeping facilities for teachers, students and other staff in addition to a school. Often, the infrastructure is impassable and then a good place to sleep near the study becomes important. Building a house, or in this case a hostel, means that there is again more space for students to study. Building houses therefore ensures that students have a nice place to sleep near their school but also that teachers and other staff (such as caretakers) can live nearby.

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