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Quality & good education

In addition to providing quality education, the Foundation is also committed to providing the people of Malawi with the necessities of life. In recent years, the Foundation, in cooperation with sponsors and the Wild Geese Foundation, has installed several water pumps. In 2014, 13 water pumps were realised in the middle of Malawi in Mangochi region. In the same area, another 15 pumps were placed in 2017 to provide people with clean drinking water.

  • 13 water pumps in Mangochi (2014);

  • 17 Mangochi water pumps (2017).

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The results of sufficient water pumps

The government is unable to provide the people of Malawi with sufficient water pumps. People often have to walk kilometres to get healthy drinking water. By installing these pumps, people don't have to walk so far and they have more time for other activities such as working, gathering food and caring for children. By installing the pumps, diseases among children are reduced. People get their water from polluted water, because they have to walk too far for it.

A sustainable solution for school and safe drinking water

Water pumps are sustainable solutions for clean and safe drinking water. The pumps are maintained by the users. This means that every user of the pump has to pay a contribution. This money is used to maintain the pumps. In this way, people can use the pumps for years. The number of people using each pump varies. On average 250 people use about 40 litres of water per day from one pump. This amounts to 15,000 people who now have access to clean and safe drinking water.

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What does the Wild Geese Foundation do?

Wilde Ganzen is committed to a world without poverty. Just like the Friends of Africa, they do this by supporting entrepreneurs of smart projects. With these projects entrepreneurs bring about change and progress in their own neighbourhoods.
Wilde Ganzen supports these collaborations with knowledge, a strong network and money. In this way they help enterprising entrepreneurs to advance their neighbourhoods through the construction of social facilities. From clean drinking water to inclusive education. And from medical care to financial independence.

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