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As a foundation, we run entirely on volunteers, donations and sponsors and receive no subsidies. We are therefore completely dependent on donations, sponsorships and financial support for projects.

Sponsorship opportunities

Thanks to this income, we can make it possible for the new generation in Malawi to have a future full of hope. To make this possible, we have three sponsorship opportunities:

Become a partner

You can become a partner of Friends for Africa for a sponsorship contribution of at least €1,500 on an annual basis. You will get a mention as a partner of Friends for Africa on the website and can be mentioned in our communication. Your logo will be standard on the participants and Friends for Africa leaflets we publish and distribute widely in the region. The company will receive a nice advertorial in our digital newsletter at the start of the sponsorship, and the company logo will be included in all our outgoing emails and newsletters. Finally, there will be a comprehensive company presentation of your company on our website.

Become a sponsor

You are a sponsor of Friends for Africa for a sponsorship contribution between € 500,- and € 1.500,- per year. Your company will be listed as a sponsor on our website and you will receive an extensive advertorial in our digital newsletter at the start of the sponsorship. In addition, the company logo will be displayed in all outgoing emails and digital newsletters from us.

Becoming a sub-sponsor

Your company is a sub-sponsor of Friends for Africa for a sponsorship contribution of up to € 500 per year. You will be listed as a sub-sponsor on our website.

In addition, there are always flexible sponsorship opportunities and you can also sponsor an event, for example, or something else when you have something fun in mind for your company. We are always open to ideas!

Finally, we would like to mention that Friends for Africa has been designated as a "General Beneficial Institution" (ANBI) which means that your donation is (under certain conditions) income tax deductible.

There are two ways you can become a sponsor

How do I become a sponsor of Friends for Africa?

Donate on our website

We have a very simple donation tool on our website where you can leave all your company details and add the donation of your choice (the amount and choice of weekly, monthly or yearly) yourself. Mention in the comments that you would like to become a sponsor and we will contact you directly. The donation tool can be found here (link to donation page with anchor tag to donation tool). Please do leave your company and contact information here so we can get in touch;

Sponsor request by mail

You can also contact us first by emailing or fill out our contact form here We will then process your request and contact you.

We thank you very much for your support!



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Mission and Vision

General knowledge is the basis for development. Friends for Africa aims to increase the general knowledge of the young generation in Malawi by encouraging and funding quality education in both primary and secondary (technical) schools. Improving education increases people's level of knowledge. When this knowledge is increased, people are better able to cope in various situations.

Completely voluntary

Friends for Africa is foundation, founded in 2002 in Bunschoten-Spakenburg. The board members of the foundation receive no financial reward for their efforts. The aim is to use 100% of the donations to help Malawi. Friends for Africa is completely dependent on donations and their volunteers. Would you like to become a volunteer? Check out the opportunities and support Malawi.

A sustainable Malawi

Friends for Africa is helping to build a sustainable Malawi. As a foundation, we have placed the primary focus on education, working with you to significantly improve the level of education. We do this for example by building schools, supplying school materials, transferring knowledge and active participation in maintaining previously executed projects.