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What does the Friends of Africa Foundation do?

The Friends of Africa Foundation is a charitable organisation that cares for the broad population of Malawi, with a focus on children, on the basis of its Christian identity. We want to give these people a hopeful future and believe that we can really make a difference.

We offer the children a safe environment and provide them with quality education so that they can have a promising future in society. We want to see the children grow up to be healthy, responsible adults who can provide for themselves and have a sustainable future.

Quality education starts with the basics

What is needed for good education in Malawi?

Good education starts with a curriculum and experienced teachers. In the Netherlands, we are used to high-quality education that is tested in various ways and framed per level. This is different in Malawi, where the educational programme is very varied and the availability of teachers is a challenge. From our expertise, we lay the foundation for providing education in areas where this is not yet the case. We always do this with the consent and dedication of stakeholders in Malawi. In our most recent project, for example, we built a primary school together with the local population that will be able to educate 1,500 children in its final phase. To achieve this, we deliver:

  • Water pumps;

  • Sports field;

  • Inventory for the classrooms;

  • Library;

  • Solar panels;

  • Teacher residences;

  • School materials.

Our approach

How does the Friends of Africa Foundation work?

Together with the stakeholders in Malawi, we map out their wishes and draw up a vision plan. On the basis of this vision plan, we will come up with a concrete plan of action for the construction of a school building. This plan consists of a large number of activities, such as project management, procurement management and risk management. The plan is not solely in our hands, but is a common document that is widely used. Every stakeholder is aware of the contents and gives his or her commitment. In this way, we guarantee that the plan, the implementation, the aftercare and the operation will be carried out in a controlled manner in the years to come.

Our approach

Is Stichting Vrienden voor Afrika a recognised charity?

ANBI registration Friends of Africa

Friends for Africa is a recognised charity with an ANBI registration. This means that we have a number of obligations with regard to providing documents. For more information, we refer you to the page about our ANBI registration.

CBF registration Friends of Africa

At the moment, Friends of Africa is also working on a CBF registration. Here too, we have a number of obligations and have to share documentation online. We are not completely finished yet, but a preview of our registration can be found on the page about our CBF registration.

Our board

Who are responsible within the Friends of Africa Foundation?

We are working hard to achieve our goals, under the leadership of the board. It consists of the following people:

  • Cees Hopman
  • Rick Heek (Treasurer)
  • Hans Segers
  • Peter van Halteren
  • Rody Koelewijn (Chairman)
  • Evita Heek (Secretary)
  • Ro-Ann Koelewijn
  • Ton Kaptein
  • Lieuwe Schaafsma
  • Jan-Gerard Koelewijn
  • Matthias van Lummel ( Public Relations)


Your support is of great importance

For all this, we need your help!

Incurring costs is unavoidable. Labour, inventory, building maintenance, food, medicines: we need this and much more to be able to do our work. The money needed for this comes directly from the projects realised and to be realised. That is why we arrange as much as possible through sponsors, we do not pay salaries and we work with volunteers whenever possible.

Do you want to do your bit too?