Our Foundation for Malawi

About Friends for Africa

The board members of the foundation do not receive any financial reward for their efforts. The aim is to use 100% of the donations for the aid in Malawi. The foundation wants to help build a sustainable Malawi. As a foundation, we have placed the primary focus on education, and together with you, we will strive to significantly improve the level of education. This includes building schools, supplying school materials, transferring knowledge and actively participating in maintenance.


We want to increase the general knowledge of the young generation in Malawi by structurally improving and financially supporting primary and secondary education.


General knowledge is the basis for development. As a foundation, we want to contribute to high-quality education at both primary and secondary (technical) schools. By improving education, people's level of knowledge increases. When this knowledge is increased, people are better able to manage in various situations. The knowledge areas are for example: agriculture, irrigation, entrepreneurship, further development of vocational education, hygiene, health, et cetera. In this way, we contribute to the development of the people of Malawi. The Christian identity is central to the actions of the foundation. The values from which the foundation acts are: involvement, compassion and standing up for injustice. The foundation strives for equality, so everyone in Malawi has the opportunity to receive an education.


The above mission and vision will be realised by financing educational initiatives in Malawi. Education is a broad concept, in which we think concretely of school buildings, teaching materials, education and training materials and the provision of school fees.

In the next three years, the focus on education will be further specified, and it will become clear within what spectrum of 'education' Stichting Vrienden voor Afrika will remain active.

Initiating new projects will be done in cooperation with local agencies in Malawi. The reason for placing the initiative phase with these agents has to do with the actual 'needs and wants'. We, the Dutch, live in a completely different society and cannot possibly determine from a distance what the actual needs are in the villages, regions and cities. For this reason, any authority, resident or organisation can fill in a project application form and submit it to us. Besides the choice for local agents, the local population is made owner of a project and the responsibility and maintenance will be, or will become, entirely in the hands of the local administrators.

In this way, we connect to the priority and thus to the needs of the people. The projects are managed on site, so that the local qualities are optimally utilised. We are not the experts, our local agents or partners are.

The vision is not a fixed fact, we want to connect to the needs of the local partners. In addition to education, the foundation will consider installing water pumps if there are areas where clean drinking water is not available. In addition, the foundation will continue to provide emergency aid in the form of food in times of extreme drought. Emergency aid will only be provided if the official authorities call on the foundation. Nothing happens on our own initiative without consulting our agents.