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Without the (financial) support of others, we cannot exist as a foundation and thus cannot help the children in our country. While they need our support so badly. You can help us by making a donation, either private or business.

Opportunities to donate

You can donate to a specific project or in general. You can also indicate whether you want to support us once or monthly. You can also donate using your mobile phone. We explain this further below:

Private donation

If you become a donor of the Friends of Africa Foundation, you will help us build a bright future for the people of Malawi. As a donor, you can decide for yourself how much you want to donate and whether you want to do this once or monthly. We will spend your donation as we see fit and ensure that it goes entirely to the projects. We will keep you informed of our spending and results through our website, digital newsletters, our social media channels and our annual reports. If you would like to make a donation to a specific project, this is also possible.

Business donations

From a business perspective, you can support us as a company, foundation or fund. You can become a partner or make a structural or one-off donation. These donations are income tax deductible. If your company makes a specific donation for a particular project, you can indicate this in the donation or by contacting

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Do you feel moved by our projects and want to give children in Malawi a future? Make a donation! You can do this online via the various donation options or by bank transfer. You can indicate the amount and whether it is a one-time donation or a structural donation. We will process your data according to GDPR regulations. If you wish to stop your donation, you can inform us by e-mail or by phone.

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What impact does your donation have?

When there is no school nearby, young children have to walk an hour to school every morning. Watch the video of one of our volunteers on location in Mangochi to hear more about the need for education in this region.

The children in this area have to walk an average of 4.5 kilometres to the Namiasi school and 3.2 kilometres to the Samamma school. This is on average a 1-hour walk for the children. Bolera has 8 villages with a total of 3500 adults. There are 3690 children between the ages of 6 and 10 living in the 8 villages. The numbers per village are specified:

  • Bolera village, 750 children
  • Mawuma village, 470 children
  • Mdoka village, 320 children
  • Katumbiri, 280 children
  • Chimatiro, 500 children
  • Nkali village, 860 children
  • Mikongolo, 300 children
  • Matumula, 210 children

There is one public school in Bolera called Palm Beach Primary school. This school has been privatised and charges school fees. The school fees amount to 18,000 kwacha per year, which translates to € 23.00. This is unaffordable for most families.

Of all these children, 2,102 are currently attending school. Of which 1364 go to Namiasi, 338 to Samamma and 400 to the public school Palm Beach. This means that 1,588 children are not receiving any education. Not only the distance is a problem, but also the fact that the schools in the area are overcrowded. The schools have no room for more children. For this reason, we want to start building a new school with your help.

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