CBF Supervisor of Recognized Charities and General Benefit Institution (ANBI).

ANBI and CBF Status

The Inland Revenue recognizes our foundation as a public benefit corporation (ANBI). We are also in the process of obtaining the CBF seal of approval. Thereby, our Foundation is working to meet the quality requirements of CBF.

Friends for Africa Foundation meets the requirements set by the Dutch tax authorities for a "public benefit intended institution," or ANBI.

This approval is important because as a donor you can only deduct donations from taxes if an organization meets the requirements of ANBI. It also means that we do not have to pay gift and/or inheritance tax on the gifts and inheritances we receive. So everything actually benefits our work for children in Malawi.

Additional data for ANBI status

Fiscal Number Friends for Africa Foundation: 8114.95.140

IBAN Number Foundation Friends for Africa: NL32 RABO 0312 4356 06

Policy Plan: Oversee the maintenance of the construction projects completed so far. Provide clean drinking water to as many people as possible, by drilling water pumps, among other things. Promote self-activity of the population, by actively involving people in maintenance of the projects such as realized water pumps. and improve education, by providing support to educational projects.

Remuneration Policy: The directors receive no remuneration for their work.
Objective: Supporting the needy in Malawi, by realizing projects (article 2 of the statutes of Friends of Africa Foundation).
Financial accountability: Accounting firm Schaap & van Dijk provides the annual report of the Foundation.


Annual Reports

  • You can download the 2014 annual report here .
  • You can download the 2015 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2016 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2017 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2018 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2019 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2020 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2021 annual report here.
  • You can download the 2022 annual reporthere.
  • The 2023 annual report can be downloaded here .

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