June 2022, The Bolera Primary School teaches

It is, of course, fantastic that the children at Bolera Primary School in Malawi have been taught since January 2022. We are receiving a lot of nice films that we don't want to keep from you. We can say that the first phase of our Bolera project, the building of the school in Malawi, has been successful, but unfortunately we are not there yet!

Few materials for good educational lessons in Malawi

There is still a serious lack of good and, above all, sufficient teaching materials. Because of the enormous influx of inquisitive children, there is a great need for simple things like blackboard chalk, exercise books, pencils and pens so that every pupil can write in his or her own script. There is also a great shortage of textbooks in English and local languages. Now often more than 5 children look at one textbook. We are asking for e.g. 1000 pens and 2500 exercise books. These are simple items, but for the average family in Malawi, they represent a major expense. How do the children learn to write? Well, with their fingers and sand. Not efficient, but it works, just look at the video on the right!

What does Friends for Africa do for the children in Malawi?

As a recognised charity and foundation, we focus on good education for the children of Malawi. We do this by building schools, but also by providing teaching materials, supplying water pumps and assisting in construction projects. Friends for Africa also wants to do more for the children of Africa, which is why we are always going the extra mile. The Bolera Primary School was our biggest project to date, and we are still very proud of what we have achieved. You can read more about it here.

Our help, their future. Help the children of Malawi!

In order for the children to be able to learn properly, we need the teaching materials. For this, however, we need donations and we need your help. Would you like to do your bit for good education in Malawi, Africa?

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