Helping affected areas with reconstruction

Increasing cyclones make living conditions more difficult

Due to increasing cyclones districts such as Chikwawa and Nsanje were hit by floods in 2019, destroying maize fields. Mangochi was one of the worst affected areas by drought, causing many families to go hungry.

In times of disaster, the Government of Malawi tries its best, but due to insufficient resources it is unable to reach all affected areas, which is why it declared Malawi a disaster area and called on all benefactors to help and support the affected families. Bolera is one of the affected areas, but aid does not always reach all areas.

The emergency aid in this region was necessary in the form of maize.

Expected impact of the interventions

  • The burden of maize shortage on beneficiaries in affected areas has been reduced
  • Reduced incidence of malnutrition within the beneficiary communities
  • Children continue their education and do not have to work extra hours in the fields

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